Thursday, 21 October 2010

True Romance

In the summer Yasmine, Lyds and I decided to do a very spontaneous colab in Alexandria park... This is what we came up with, its quite a nice mix of my fun factor and their super cool aesthetic. Massive Thankyou's to Adam and Rory, for allowing us to dress them up all day and Is and Lucy for coming to help us and of course the fantastic viewfinder pair!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

First Look Nicole Farhi

Over the summer I did a part time placement at Nicole Farhi while i was also working in the Archive at Alexander McQueen. Its a really friendly relaxed studio and i had a lot of fun there helping out with fittings, research for both the diffusion line 'Farhi' and Menswear,sitting in on buyers meetings, and doing artworks for the womenswear collection. I was only there for a month which felt like a really short time so i was completely shocked when i looked at the show from LFW and realised they had used one of my art works for the first look. I'm super chuffed as i was given quite a lot of freedom with this and feel very much like its a creative accomplishment. I can't thank the team enough for making my very short time in the Nicole Farhi studio so great i just wish i could have stayed longer!

Heres the dress and some of the other artworks i did for the same look which weren't used but are still nice!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I spent many late night with this one helping her work towards her final collection, 'Titled You Mophead' sades mixes Amish nostalgia with good old fashioned fun! She designed all the prints with patchwork in mind and if you look really closely you will be able to spot mobile phones, laptops and usb ports. not to mention her roadwork S trademark. I was on accessories duty and her make the booties (one pair in silver leather... oh hello!) a funny spooky faced rucksack and some really ace giant keyrings. Having helped through some of the toughest moments Its a real joy to see this collection in all its glory, and it was a laugh and a half too!

Send your fan-mail to
Her Website is being worked on atm but ill get that up asap along with some show snaps of both Gabi's and her stuff!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Gabi Fletcher

I made these trousers for my friend Gabi Fletcher, to help her out in times of degree show stress. Her Collection was So Gabs; lots of super cute over grown baby grows and great proportion shifts, curvaceous silhouette, rich colours and of course heaps of POMPOMS. Its wearable and fun and i think a huge success. I was very proud as i saw it go down the catwalk at the Brighton graduate fashion show in May. To see more of her work check out, fan mail should be sent to

All clothes by Gabi Fletcher
Styling by Gabi Fletcher
Photography by Joshua Edwin Sweet
Modelled by Adele Ahrens and Lucy Fisher

Monday, 17 May 2010

Whats in My Wardrobe

A capsule collection based on the clothes that i wear... this is a proj is from 1st year and feels like a hundred years ago, i really like it though, especially the funny illustrations, double layered trousers and matching knickers. Looking back on my research made me realise there have been some serious fashion no-no's, but i suppose if your having fun with it who cares! 

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


From the 15th of october untill the 15th of December 2009 i was in Jaipur, India working for a fantastic company called Anokhi. Anokhi is a fair trade company, promoting and sustaining oringal and traditional Indian crafts such as wood block printing, I designed all over prints and border prints suitable for use with woodblocks and for embroidery. I spent 2 weeks working on a village indigo plant called Jahota where I experimented with existing Anokhi blocks to come up with new textures. The experience of living and working in such a different culture and environment was invaluable. I became inspired by the Anokhi work ethic as well as the plethora of Indian textiles I observed both at Anokhi and while travelling in Rajasthan. 

Friday, 9 April 2010


For this tailoring project i used photographs of second world war children wearing stiff wollen jackets they had grown out of, probably before the war started. It can be worn as menswear or womenswear and comes with a minature version, made identically only 50% smaller for a teddy bear. 

photograph taken by Lydia Garnett and Yasmine Hussain (who collaborate to make view finder) at the 1st and 2nd yr fashion show last year.
For more of their work look here...
and here...


I used smock shirts, Victorian night wear and babies christening gowns as a starting point. Then i got obsessed with hiding colour and creating a texture and from one piece of fabric. this is the first garment where i really experimented with length and size. This shirt was also show cased as part of Mary Portas' TV series; 'Mary Queen of Shops', In JuJu a Brighton fashion boutique. This lead to an article about my work being published in Brighton Visitor and The Argus.

The Mask

I Made this mask while on placement at Alexander McQueen. It was made for a collaboration with Dazed and Confused for the October 2009 issue 'Franken Fashion' Where 13 design houses were asked to create a mask using materials left lying around their studios. Its base is a latex gimp mask and enameled wind up toys are applied. The red enamelled wind up toys were left over material from the A/W09 collection.


I looked particularly at creating a sillouette similar to the shape made by the way that adolescent boys wear trousers low on the hip with lots of pant showing. I also investigated suiting and the idea of including a comabund or waist coat as part of the trousers themselves. I also wanted to include a feeling of bottomless pockets like in The Mask when Jim Carey pull a Bazooka out of his pocket.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Elena Rose Crehan for Pleats Please

A prospective collection for Issey Miyakes brand Pleats Please. The Idea of Pleats Please is fun and exciting but in reality the garments have begun, in recent years to lack humour. I wanted to make Pleats Please sexy as well as practical, offering a new collection demonstrating new shapes in proportion using pleats and size while maintaining the Pleats Please philosophy of creativity and play. 

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My Shoes for McQueen

3 days before the show in paris sitting on the floor embroidering on a homemade loom made out of a chair. Morning noon and night i stitched! the result A-mazing. J'adore!


Rossini's Thieving Magpie is a repetative and cheeky overture that tells a playful and dramatic story based on true events in which a young woman is accused of theft and is sentenced to death only to have the real thief, a magpie, revealed at the last minute, just in time. You can really hear the music sticking its tongue out at you and winking. Motifs are often described as whistling in the dark and the way the sequence of the melody works is much the same as the way the mind ponders over funny events or comic situations, meandering backwards and forwards in a somewhat manic fashion. My collection, Magpie is reminiscent of this.
Magpie is a trend based on the collection of sacred nostalgic things and the protection of them. Nostalgia is mixed feelings of happiness, sadness and longing when recalling a person, place or event from the past or the past in general. Hence the layering of garments, patching and patchwork. The idea of protection here comes as a sort of personal fabric external hard drive for the mind, presenting itself in the form of 'Memory Foam'
Visco-Elastic Memory foam is normally aimed at the medical market and is often used in hi-tech mattress'. Many companies describe their foam as having the feel of natural life, If you were to wear this life like material it would be like wearing your memory, protecting it as well as yourself. A protection of the body in order to protect the mind.