Tuesday, 14 June 2011


To be continued...
'Know The Ropes'

Monday, 30 May 2011

Richard Cranium

get it?

To Be Continued

Thursday, 21 October 2010

True Romance

In the summer Yasmine, Lyds and I decided to do a very spontaneous colab in Alexandria park... This is what we came up with, its quite a nice mix of my fun factor and their super cool aesthetic. Massive Thankyou's to Adam and Rory, for allowing us to dress them up all day and Is and Lucy for coming to help us and of course the fantastic viewfinder pair!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

First Look Nicole Farhi

Over the summer I did a part time placement at Nicole Farhi while i was also working in the Archive at Alexander McQueen. Its a really friendly relaxed studio and i had a lot of fun there helping out with fittings, research for both the diffusion line 'Farhi' and Menswear,sitting in on buyers meetings, and doing artworks for the womenswear collection. I was only there for a month which felt like a really short time so i was completely shocked when i looked at the show from LFW and realised they had used one of my art works for the first look. I'm super chuffed as i was given quite a lot of freedom with this and feel very much like its a creative accomplishment. I can't thank the team enough for making my very short time in the Nicole Farhi studio so great i just wish i could have stayed longer!

Heres the dress and some of the other artworks i did for the same look which weren't used but are still nice!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I spent many late night with this one helping her work towards her final collection, 'Titled You Mophead' sades mixes Amish nostalgia with good old fashioned fun! She designed all the prints with patchwork in mind and if you look really closely you will be able to spot mobile phones, laptops and usb ports. not to mention her roadwork S trademark. I was on accessories duty and her make the booties (one pair in silver leather... oh hello!) a funny spooky faced rucksack and some really ace giant keyrings. Having helped through some of the toughest moments Its a real joy to see this collection in all its glory, and it was a laugh and a half too!

Send your fan-mail to sadieellawilliams@googlemail.com
Her Website is being worked on atm but ill get that up asap along with some show snaps of both Gabi's and her stuff!