Thursday, 14 October 2010

First Look Nicole Farhi

Over the summer I did a part time placement at Nicole Farhi while i was also working in the Archive at Alexander McQueen. Its a really friendly relaxed studio and i had a lot of fun there helping out with fittings, research for both the diffusion line 'Farhi' and Menswear,sitting in on buyers meetings, and doing artworks for the womenswear collection. I was only there for a month which felt like a really short time so i was completely shocked when i looked at the show from LFW and realised they had used one of my art works for the first look. I'm super chuffed as i was given quite a lot of freedom with this and feel very much like its a creative accomplishment. I can't thank the team enough for making my very short time in the Nicole Farhi studio so great i just wish i could have stayed longer!

Heres the dress and some of the other artworks i did for the same look which weren't used but are still nice!

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